architectural design and principles of

Mixed Reality spaces


Implemented Work and Projects on Mixed Reality: my work in the field of Mixed Reality


The Mixed Reality Project in Architecture: proposal on the principles, notions, and the architectural design of Mixed Reality spaces. Research on the ways an architect could and should make use of the new properties and characteristics of Mixed Reality spaces during the architectural design process. A Mixed Reality space could be, in terms of its privacy, either public,e.g. a Mixed Reality museum, or private, e.g. a personal Mixed Reality (physics/chemistry/doctor) laboratory. [keywords: architecture, Mixed Reality, design, conceptual continuity, spacial continuity, topology]
The Antikythera Mechanism studied in Mixed Reality spaces: results from my work concerning the study of the Antikythera Mechanism in Mixed Reality spaces. This research constitutes a case study on the new issues that arise when collaboration is enabled in Mixed Reality spaces. Reseachers that are situated in physically distant areas, do come close in a common Mixed Reality space. Basic categories/flavors of Mixed Reality, like Augmented Reality and Augmented Virtuality are being used. [keywords: Antikythera Mechanism, Mixed Reality, digital archaelogical restoration, cultural heritage]


Mixed Reality: information and application examples about Mixed Reality
Virtual Reality: information and application examples about Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality: information and application examples about Augmented Reality
Augmented Virtuality: information and application examples about Augmented Virtuality


My Mixed Reality Laboratory: applications using data gloves, as well as short theory
Virtual Reality Gloves: the hardware I use for developing MR applications




LINKS to other works of mine:
Exercise on CAD: academic work on Computer Aided Design (CAD) - my first website
Exercise on VRML: academic work on Virtual Reality - my first VR applications in VRML



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Anthony Kolsouzoglou - Αrchitect NTUA - PhD candidateNTUA

Αντώνης Κολσούζογλου - Αρχιτέκτονας Μηχανικός ΕΜΠ - υποψήφιος διδάκτορας ΕΜΠ

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